The Fire Wife Academy by 24-7 Commitment
What is the Fire Wife Academy and who is it for?
This is a FREE 30 Day Program for women who love a firefighter and are soon to wed, newlywed or have been married under 8 years. Or if you've been married but your husband left his job/career to pursue firefighting.  

Applications are only open seasonally.  Add us to your email whitelist by adding us as a new contact: to ensure your emails come directly to your inbox.

If you do not fit these requirements, consider joining our Online Communities with a Fire Wife Sisterhood Membership HERE.
Dow does it work?
You'll access to member only areas of the website -
You'll join a Facebook group just for your class.
No in person events for this program.
The Fire Wife Academy is 100% online.
The program is free - The book is only $10 but optional (There is a possibility that you will be able to get a copy of Honor and Commitment for free if you are not able to purchase one yourself.  Limited supplies.)
You'll see daily posts and interactions in the Facebook group - participate ;)
You'll get a Fire Wife Mentor to help guide you through the program if you need anything.
You'll end up with a ton of resources and tools that will serve your marriage for years to come.

Once the program ends you'll have a few more weeks of access to look back on.  If you love the Fire Wife Academy, you'll also receive a special invitation to join the Fire Wife Sisterhood for a special rate for your first quarter of membership.
We will use our Honor and Commitment book as an outline for this course.  

It is not required but recommended.  It certainly will help you over the years.   If selected for the class, you will be able to purchase a copy for only $10 Shipped!  A discount code will be provided after acceptance.

There are a few books available for free*, but please only request a free copy if you are truly in need and cannot purchase one for $10.  These are very limited and first come first serve.   *Only those completing all steps once accepted will be able to reserve a copy for free.
What happens now?
Fill out the form below and follow the information below to be taken to your application.  Be sure to enter your correct email address, that is how we will contact you.

Applications will then be reviewed by our team, participants will be selected and notified of acceptance with more details about joining us for the program.  Add us to your email contacts ( and keep watch.  
Applications open until September 24th. 
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