The Fire Wife Academy by 24-7 Commitment
FREE 30 Day Program sponsored by 24-7 Commitment
What is the Fire Wife Academy and who is it for?
This is a FREE 30 Day Program for women who love a firefighter and are soon to wed, newlywed or have been married under 8 years. Or if you've been married but your husband left his job/career to pursue firefighting.  

If you do not fit these requirements, consider joining our Online Communities with a Fire Wife Sisterhood Membership.  It is for any woman in a committed relationship with any firefighter. >>> HERE.

Applications are only open seasonally.  

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Dow does it work?
Apply - Those meeting the criteria are all accepted.
Watch emails for acceptance notices.
Join the Facebook Group.
Participate in the Group through the 30 Day Program.

Participants meeting the requirements will be given free access to the Fire Wife Academy Portal at and a private Academy Facebook Group.

We'll go through the 30 Day Program together inside the Facebook Group.  Be ready to interact, engaging in conversation really makes the group fun and helps us learn what you need most.

We have a Panel of Fire Wife Mentors from our Fire Wife Sisterhood who will go through the program with us, guiding anyone who needs help or encouragement.  These ladies are full of Fire Wife Wisdom too good not to share!

We will use our book, Honor and Commitment, as an outline for this program.  It is not necessary but highly recommended.  You will have the opportunity to buy it AT OUR COST for this program.  $10 covers your book and shipping, discount code will be given once accepted into the program!   *An Ebook version is also available.​​​​​​

u'll end up with a ton of resources and tools that will serve your marriage for YEARS to come.

This 30 Day Program is all online utilizing Facebook and  There are no in person events, you do not gain access to the Fire Wife Sisterhood groups unless you join and your access to the Facebook Group and Academy Portal a few weeks after the class ends.  We do allow a few weeks for review ;) 

If you love the Fire Wife Academy, you'll also receive a special invitation to join the Fire Wife Sisterhood for a special rate for your first quarter of membership.
Honor and Commitment 

It is NOT required but highly recommended. We do outline each chapter of the book, but it contains so much more than what we cover. It is a great resources to have on hand.  It certainly will help you over the years.   If selected for the class, you will be able to purchase a copy for only $10 including shipping!!  A discount code will be provided after acceptance.

Getting a donated copy:
There are a few books available free of charge for those who cannot afford to purchase one for $10.  If you can at all afford to purchase your own copy, please do not request a free copy.  Our numbers are limited.  More details given to those accepted into the group.
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"Fireproof doesn't mean the fire will never come. It means when the fire comes that you will be able to withstand it." ~ Fireproof